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Locking Mailbox
Installation Service

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True story: I had a mail problem.


A few years ago a work contract had me on the road almost 200 days in a year and I had to figure out what to do with my mail while out of town. It was too long for a vacation hold, more than I could ask my neighbors to take on for me, and forwarding to a PO Box was not an option for various logistical reasons. That is when through a lot of research I found the best locking mailbox out there…the MailBoss. A lot of the hardware store locking mailboxes I discovered were flimsily and not very secure. After the MailBoss install I could now let mail pile up for a week or two with little worry about security.

Fast forward a few years and I have since had several neighbors ask to help install that same locking mailbox for them as well. Now with the rampant rise of mail and identity theft in the Santa Cruz area we are now stocking and offering for immediate install the MailBoss Mail Manager Locking Mailboxes through our website to combat this growing problem and help keep your mail secure.

With just a few clicks we will show up, remove your old mailbox, and and install and a new secure MailBoss Mail Manager Locking Mailbox!

While no level of security will stop all determined criminals, mail theft is a crime of opportunity and if your personal information in the mail you receive is behind a lock and key in a solidly built mailbox, thieves are most likely to just move on to the next easiest target…which could be you if you do not have a MailBoss Locking Mailbox installed!


Don't be the next mail theft victim and let us help solve your mail theft problem. Book an installation appointment today!

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Order Installation Now

*Price includes sale and installation of locking mailbox in most existing locations. Mailbox post work or replacement available at additional cost if needed. Contact us for additional details.

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